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Comb 3-Gang Finishing Mower

Professional finishing mower designed for larger areas such as sports fields, parks and estates where a fine lawn finish is required.

Adjustable cutting height 2-9cm with rear discharge, fitted with pivoting wheels. Options include a mulching kit and pneumatic tyres.

  • Main frame fitted with 2 pneumatic tyres

  • Mowers raised and lowered hydraulically

  • Central lubrication

  • Transmission with wide angle PTO shaft

  • Cast iron gearbox – 540 rpm

  • Belt driven

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Working width (cm)330360420450510565635
Tractor range (hp)40-9040-9040-9040-9040-9040-9040-90
Weight (kg)1010102010601080114012001280
RRP (inc VAT)£11,395£11,442£11,528£11,695£12,001£12,383£13,343
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